Andrew Tait, a citizen of United States is internationally recognized as “The Environmentalist”.  He is recognized as an entrepreneur, business adviser, outdoorsman and public speaker and is sought as an expert on the ecology and the green living movement.

Since the early 1990s, Mr. Tait has been instrumental in the efforts to build an international ecological coalition.  This ecological interest came about over a number of years.  During his international travels, he observed the effects of industrial and environmental toxins on native flora and fauna.

As a result of his due diligence and business negotiations Mr. Tait obtained the exclusive rights to a long sought after technology. A process for preparing a disinfectant for use in swimming pools and the like.  

Referenced in the early 1900s where Silver and Copper is held in suspension indefinitely. After obtaining the exclusive rights to a technology which could rightly be used to amass a fortune Mr. Tait sought a more humanitarian direction. The ramifications of such a discovery and the technology to produce a consistent formulation are in part what Mr. Tait provides the world through his many environmental contacts and coalitions. His interest in assisting humanity while protecting the flora and fauna of the planet would ultimately help clean eco-systems while creating a healthier environment for everyone to enjoy. 

Mr. Tait is the founder of both BioPenta Labs and Worldwide Pure Water the company assigned the rights to the aforementioned technology.  After acquiring the rights to this technology Mr. Tait has dedicated his life to providing safe drinking water and improving environmental conditions for all people.

He is joined in these efforts by an international coalition consisting of over seventy-two member organizations which he was instrumental in founding.   Mr. Tait works tirelessly to stop the contamination of our air, water, and land resources toward protecting our drinking water, oceans, and land where our world’s food is produced.


Andrew Tait was born in New York and now lives in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He began his business career working for Fortune 500 companies.  Seeking privately owned businesses Mr. Tait went to work for a small brokerage firm where he soon became the Senior Vice President.  After successfully running the firm he then left the firm to establish a computer learning system for children called Keyboard Commanders.  After establishing Keyboard Commanders Mr. Tait then ultimately patented the eco-friendly alternative to Chlorine.

His environmental commitment began as a result of several environmental events. In one instance, Mr. Tait was snorkeling off the east coast of Florida at a location where he had snorkeled ten years earlier and Mr. Tait was alarmed by a loss of approximately 50% of the reef life in those waters.  

During an annual snorkeling trip with his father at Crystal River in Florida, Mr. Tait noticed the green native grasses that Manatees had been eating in previous years were gone.  Instead of eating native grasses the Manatees were now eating brown algae like substance that had appeared and were drifting along the bottom of the canals and waterways. 

Mr. Tait suspected the brown algae had far less nutritional value than the native grasses.  That winter of 1996 a record number of Manatees died.  These and many other events lead Mr. Tait to conclude that the existing environmental organizations were quickly losing the battle to protect our environment.  

Mr. Tait founded BioPenta Labs in 1997 and it performs product testing of environmental solutions that benefit humanity and nature.  To assist with his on-going quest to provide the people of the world with an effective solution to defend against water-borne pathogens he also founded Worldwide Pure Water as a global drinking water solutions provider. Mr. Tait has also founded My Natural Pool for domestic and household use and NaturGard for water, farm and agricultural applications.

In 1999, Mr. Tait began building an environmental platform that would create the necessary paradigm shifts within our society aimed at protecting our environmental resources.

To meet the cry for a unified approach to solving the ecological crisis looming on the horizon Andrew Tait first founded One Earth, One Mission ( in December of 2001 and in December 2003 he founded The Environmental Community.

As of September of 2008, “The Environmental Community” has in excess of seventy-two member organizations working in concert to present a unique platform for environmental change.  It is determined that this platform represents the future of green activists and eco-educators.  Its unique ability to educate while spreading environmental and social change is why it is considered an Earth saving platform.   

Mr. Tait has lead one of the largest all-volunteer environmental groups of its kind. Mr. Tait is the founder of Race To Save Earth an organization poised to accelerate environmental change through its extensive network of organizations.   

In conjunction with the aforementioned, Mr. Tait also founded and continues to work with The Environmental Education Center, Earth Concerts, People-Power, Global Environmental News, and Earth Media Network.  All of these entities are dedicated to eco-education and preventing the destruction of our Earth’s fragile ecosystems.  

As a result of Mr. Tait’s tireless efforts and on behalf of the worldwide environmental community Mr.Tait is known by his peers, colleagues, and professionals as “The Environmentalist”.

Additional details about Red Tide visit

Phiesteria is known as the fish killer and it can disrupt entire fisheries. It literally eats holes in the fish.  Visit to better understand this environmental event.

BioPenta Labs™ is in search of an environmental partner that can help facilitate testing on both the Red Tide and Pfiesteria.

Additional projects – Mr. Tait is also developing a line of energy drinks and energized bottled water that will be distributed by VistaBlu™.  He will also introduce a line of water purification appliances called Natural On Tap™ taking residential water purification systems to a new level.

Earth Mountain Lodge™ will be an environmental education and entertainment facility with 270 suites.  Earth Mountain Lodge will also house The Environmental Education Center™.  This is a very large environmental project that has three primary phases that Mr. Tait is in the process of funding.


Mr. Tait is a full-time environmentalist, business consultant and strong advocate for safeguarding air, water, and land resources. He serves on several boards that work to protect: animal rights, civil and constitutional rights, communities, health, media, seniors, students, and wildlife.

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